The familiar brown bottle
in the bright white box
Poppers the way they used to be - fresh, potent  -- and no headaches?????
Not "leather cleaner"
or "video head cleaner"
Often called room odorizer or liquid incense, it's the real thing!!!
Simple and effective

Sold as a novelty only
Now - added filtration for extra stability
$16.00 each plus shipping
Shipping is free for 7 bottles or more

Problems or questions?

Now accepting Visa, Mastercard,
Discover and Amex

Shipping - $6.50 per order by USPS Priority
Other shipping options are available, as well as phone orders. Call 207.956.0604.
Shipping is free for 7 bottles or more.

IMPORTANT - I am unable to send this item outside the continental U.S         contact: 7 School St. #2, Lisbon Falls, ME 04252 -
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